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Our Team


Jill Prado is a Modern World Languages teacher dedicated to incorporating emerging technologies in curriculum and instruction to engage the NextGen Learner. Jill has taught at Essex High School since 2000, teaching both French and Spanish, as well as chairing the Department of Modern Languages until 2011. In 2012 Jill received a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship and a Rowland Foundation Fellowship. The Rowland Foundation Fellowship is a generous grant to support the launch of VIA—Virtual Intercultural Avenues—a web-based tool to improve teacher and learner effectiveness related to the acquisition of foreign language skills and cultural knowledge, while leveraging 21st century technology enablers to engage the NextGen learner.

The Rowland Foundation Fellowships

In 2009, two Vermont educational philanthropists, Barry and Wendy Rowland, created The Rowland Foundation. They wished to make a positive contribution to public education in the state of Vermont, and believed teachers were the best people in whom to invest. The Rowland Fellowships, awarded annually to Vermont teachers, support innovative educational projects in Vermont Schools.

Click here to learn more about The Rowland Foundation

VIA Advisory Board

The VIA Advisory Board meets several times a year to offer feedback and counsel on the development and expansion of VIA.

  • Robert Reardon, Principal, Essex High School
  • Louise Strong, Assistant Principal, Essex High School
  • Vince Gonillo, Executive Director, Information Technology, Essex High School
  • Carrie Fogg, Educational Technology Integration Specialist, Essex High School
  • Deb Stark, Modern Foreign Language Teacher, Essex High School, Essex High School
  • Sigrid Olson, Technology Integration, Vermont State Department of Education, Montpelier, Vermont
  • Moira Taylor, Student, Essex High School
  • Erin Kennedy Knox, U46 School Board Member, Essex, Vermont